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  1. Will wait and thanks Marcos yeah its been used by only 1 pc because i kept removing them every day and today as well , but 3 days ago there was like 20 pcs... Anyway thanks
  2. Hi Marcus, I bought an Eset Internet Security license a while ago but didn't bother to register it until 3 days ago , its then when i was shocked and saw over 20 pcs were using my key, problem is i can only deactivate them but not ban them some of them are insisting on using "My Paid Key" even tough for the last 3 days i've been disabling them for at least 2 times a day... I contacted Eset Australia and they said they couldn't help i should speak to my 3rd party supplier. so then i went to ESET international (they answered from Canada) and they responded they can only serve North Ameri
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