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  1. So basically this means that ESET will always require installation on a clean computer, otherwise it cannot guarantee finding viruses that are not even that new? because that doesn't make any sense, considering there is no way one can make sure a system is clean before installing ESET.. that is literally one of the main points of buying an Anti virus but OK.
  2. THANK YOU!! this solved the problem for me. it found a virus named "DarkGalaxy" and cured the system! ESET really dissapointed me with this one tho, why do i need to use other anti viruses to delete this virus when i purchased ESET? either way thanks everyone for their help!
  3. I am not a technical person and that article is too complex for me to understand I dont understand what is the point of an Anti virus if i have to manually fix everything myself? why can't ESET remove this, even tho it is DETECTING it? why can't ESET fix the MBR itself? whats the point of buying an anti virus then?
  4. Tried the SysRescue, it successfully found 1 threat : MBR sector of the /dev/sda. physical disk - Win32/Rootkit.Agent.OCL trojan - unable to clean but it says unable to clean for some reason... restarted the computer and the problem still exists.. eset gets closed after 10-15 seconds of booting up..
  5. can you give me a list of other suggestions that i should try out? i mostly used ESET and am not familiar with other anti viruses, should i only try malwarebytes and report back?
  6. i get a blue screen when i run this log collector tried it with default, thread detection, and all options and i still got blue screened after around 10 second of running it i copied the operation log output as fast as i could and copied it before getting a blue screen, this is the output : [9:20:02 AM] ESET Log Collector v4.1.2.0 (9/28/2020) - 64 bit [9:20:02 AM] Copyright (c) 1992-2020 ESET, spol. s r.o. All rights reserved. [9:20:02 AM] [9:20:02 AM] Detected product type: eis [9:20:14 AM] ============================== [9:20:14 AM] ESET logs collection mode: Filtered binary [9:20:14 AM] Number of days to collect target files and log records for: 30 [9:20:14 AM] Saving metadata to C:\Users\henrik\AppData\Local\Temp\elc1EC6.tmp [9:20:14 AM] Adding file: C:\Users\henrik\AppData\Local\Temp\elc1EC6.tmp -> metadata.txt [9:20:14 AM] Adding file: C:\Users\henrik\AppData\Local\Temp\elc1EE6.tmp -> info.xml [9:20:14 AM] Adding file: C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\versions.csv -> versions.csv [9:20:14 AM] Adding file: C:\Users\henrik\AppData\Local\Temp\elc1F06.tmp -> features_state.txt [9:20:14 AM] === Running processes (open handles and loaded DLLs) === [9:20:14 AM] Exporting... [9:20:15 AM] OK [9:20:15 AM] Adding file: C:\Users\henrik\AppData\Local\Temp\elc1F17.tmp -> Windows/Processes.txt [9:20:15 AM] Adding file: C:\Users\henrik\AppData\Local\Temp\elc1F18.tmp -> Windows/ProcessesTree.txt [9:20:15 AM] === Drives info ===
  7. OK i started them manually using task manager, but i still cannot open the gui. also it seems like they get stopped after around 15-20 minutes of booting up, when i start them manually, again they get stopped after around 15-20 minutes. tried this as well, still the same thing : i can open it for around 10 second, and can do scans with it, then it gets closed by something and i cannot open it anymore. i used ESET for a long time and never had problems, this only happened after i tried to run that damn installer so I'm 100% sure its because of that. everything seems slower too..
  8. I am using windows 7, 64 bit i thought ESET got deleted or something, but Actually it seems like ESET process is still up, but i cannot open ESET, when i try to open it nothing shows up. ESET services are running but i still cannot interact with ESET gui anymore, i tried to reinstall it, no luck. sometimes i get blue screen as well. and ESET files doesn't seem to be deleted now that i checked again. when i restart the computer, i can open it for 5-6 seconds and after that it gets closed and its services get stopped, and no matter how hard i try to click on different options in its icon, it wont open anymore.
  9. That guide didn't help, in safe mode i cannot see any suspicious process in task manager and it says delete "Trojan name", what does that even mean, whats the trojan name? couldn't see any skeeyah.exe and that article links to websites that are down
  10. ESET online scanner didn't help i'm still infected and it couldn't find anything malicious in my system, it says all clean! and i don't have a restore point.... I know I'm still infected because ESET gets deleted as soon as i install it, i can open it for 5-6 second then its GONE so ESET literally cannot remove this ?!!!
  11. I got infected by a virus, i made the mistake of turning the protection of my ESET off because i downloaded an application from somewhere and they said i need to turn off protection to install it successfully this is the file : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/e4efd1d6c7eaf477e83f38b2dca11515c6847fddd0b8ae1f89a334f2e3326df5 now ESET doesn't work anymore, it got deleted by the virus after my computer got restarted, now i cant install ESET anymore! when i install it, it gets deleted again, what should i do ?
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