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  1. Thanks a lot for the confirmation ! Would you perhaps know if ESET is planning for a slightly more advanced Firewall rules GUI configuration pane? I'd love a "rules search" feature and perhaps a "current connections" status. Aside of that, the ESET host based FW rocks ! Kind regards, HNY ! m.
  2. Okay, after a Windows host reboot, the pcapsvr.exe is effectively denied communication. Removing the deny rule and restarting the ProxyCap service is triggering ESET Firewall dialog box. So problem solved, nothing to worry about. Kind regards, M.
  3. Hi there, Maybe my explanations weren't clear enough. After having installed ProxyCap and inserted some proxy server in there + setup some applications to proxy rules, ESET Firewall doesn't acknowledge any connections happening within ProxyCap. My setup is fairly simple, I've deployed a shadowsocks server on a DMZ seated Linux host and configured that proxy within my Windows based ProxyCap (Windows host seated in another network zone. running ESET Internet Security). Even with a global DENY rule on the C:\WINDOWS\system32\pcapsvc.exe within the ESET Firewall, communications goes thr
  4. Hi All, I've been making some tests with this Proxy Client: hxxp://www.proxycap.com/ It seems that proxy'ing traffic through this app isn't picked up by the ESET Firewall. The app install's a service: C:\WINDOWS\system32\pcapsvc.exe which run's as LocalSystem. My ESET FW config is setup in "interactive mode" so that anything that isn't part of the FW config would popup a dialog box asking what to do with the new connection. Anyone could confirm the behaviors? Let me know, Kind regards, M.
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