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  1. Thank You for your answer. Few hours after update, ESET Protect started work propetly. In my opinion, would be nice, to get some other prompt, then "Not connected" during upgrade progress. Anyway, thanks for your advice
  2. i forget to write: [root@ERA ~]# odbcinst -q -d [PostgreSQL] [MySQL ODBC 5.3 Unicode Driver] [MySQL ODBC 5.3 ANSI Driver] It is a Centos virtual appliance
  3. Hello everyone, after many days, i decided to update EMSC to ESET Protect and for now it was bad decision. After update via Console task, domain or local user is getting "Connection has failed with state 'Not connected'" When I am trying to log into console, Tomcat is reporting: Apr 29 09:05:25 ERA server[1999]: Apr 29, 2021 9:05:25 AM sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.server.modules.logger.EventLogItem logInto Apr 29 09:05:25 ERA server[1999]: SEVERE: [] Connection closing because of ERA server communication processing error: Connection refused Mysql and eraserver have a state running. Any idea, why tomcat has a problem with communication to era server?
  4. There is no such a file, or any other with agent install content. At one of problematic computers, EMSC components upgrade is running successfully, but agent is not upgraded. The agent is in 7.0.577.0 version
  5. Yes, upgrade taks is failing. This is why, i've started to looking solution in manual installation. Where i should looking for EraAgent***.log . Some time ago it was at temp, but for now i can't find it 😕 I didn't try with pre-release updates. Machine was rebooted many times, self-defense was also disabled. As i reply by my own, it looks like problem with removing old version. No mather of system rights, even local admin, wasn't able to fully uninstall old agent. After reboot windows in safe mode, and use Eset Uninstaller, simple system restart, let GPO do it's job and install new agent.
  6. In Safe Mode, by using Eset uninstaller, i see that Eset Managament Agent is still present and i am able to uninstall it. After that and reboot, GPO successfully installed a new agent... Is there any way, to fix it without safe mode and uninstaller?? To do it, i need a user, who will understand how to type 5 at startup menu
  7. I had deployed via GPO ESET Agent in 7.0 version. Since we have EMSC, all endpoints are reporting, that this version should be updated. 60% of agents, were updated automatic via EMSC. But, now, i've got about 60 PC's, where it is impossible to reinstall agent. I've got policy in GPO which is removing registry key of previos installation, but it isn't help. Problem is somewhere in windows 10 OS at stations, because i can't even manually, reinstall agent. After uninstall from control panel, and start installer from msi file, it says, that i've got already newer version or od with error code 1604. I've made new complex installer, but it also getting error at installing agent and break whole instalation. New computers connected to AD, are installing new agent without any issue. Problem is only with this lucky bastards, which had eset era 7.0. Any idea or solution, it fix it?
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