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  1. The ESET Email Protection settings are and remain the ESET "default", where both POP3 and IMAP are enabled, with POP3 using ports 110, 995 and IMAP using 143, 585, 993. Note: I had installed ESET v6.10.460.1 while still on MacOS Big Sur v11.0.1 and everything worked fine, including the mail connection/retrievals. I was able to update to Big Sur v11.1 yesterday and upon boot into the OS, I noticed all the e-mail accounts were stuck on "connecting..." and eventually timing out and going offline in the default MacOS mail app. When I turn off/disable the E-mail client protection, the mailbox connections and retrievals work again. I've left the option turned off so I can get my e-mails, but it is annoying to see the red hazard icon warning me of "Disabled Protection". I had changed nothing within ESET's default settings and nothing within the MacOS other than installing the v11.1 delta update to my previous v11.01. There is something that changed within the MacOS v11.1 update that perhaps affects ESET's Email client protection. Web access protection and Anti-Phishing protections on the surface seem to be unaffected.
  2. I am experiencing a conflict between my just updated MacOS Big Sur v11.1 and ESET Cyber Security Pro V6.10.460.1's Email client protection. When enabled the default mail app on my mac fails to connect to any e-mail servers though the protection proxy. When I disable the "Email client protection" (Web access protection and Anti-Phishing protection still enabled), the mail app is able to connect and sync mailboxes. This wasn't a problem with V6.10.460.1 with Big Sur v11.0.1, so something in the MacOS update change something and now the ESET email client protection when enabled basically prevents mail retrieval. Would appreciate some guidance on what is conflicting and how to fix this issue.
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