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  1. For privacy reasons I prefer not to. That's not a problem anymore, I can live with it.
  2. What are the settings I need for the exclude options to be available to pick? I'm not new to computer at all, I'm just new to ESET. Thanks.
  3. I've configured everything (at least to my knowledge which regarding ESET NOD is limited) to report me and to not do anything without my approval but right now I've entered a website and ESET has blocked it automatically without asking me anything and the only way to unblock the website is turning off the av or excluding it which I should be able to do BEFORE it got blocked because it is supposed to ask me for these things. Also whenever the AV detects something I can only ignore it or disinfect it, the exclude options are greyed out, how can I do to be able to choose those options
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