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  1. I'm just done it. see those Pic Block IP,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Block Web. *line*.me* *zalo*.* *line-scdn.* *akamaiedge*.* *line.naver.* *line-apps.* *linecorp*.* *line.me This r
  2. Yes! The Website cannot access but APP is still working.
  3. The first time I did like that but nothing done, and then a change to make Zone show it's still stuck there.
  4. this server block ping! but the website can access! can you test for me! I test DNS show that correct Block-IP,
  5. I just test on my laptop and Eset protect 8.0 Server (make policy for PC group) it's same! I dont know why?
  6. I want block some Ip of website:line.me (,,,,, 1 Make Zone 2 .Make rule 3 Check Nothing's happend? Pls help me!
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