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  1. Hi Again Marcos: Thanks for installing the Firewall. Yet, I am able to Update all other programs on my computer if permission is set to "ALLOW ALL" for these. In the main Window of the Firewall under the APPLICATIONS Tab and the Services tab on the far right, did you set all the processes for Eset and/or NOD32 to ALLOW ALL? If they are set to "Ask For Permission" it will Block the process or program. Again, If you try checking for updates for another program it will work if permissions is granted. Any Ideas? Thanks, J
  2. Hello Peteyt: Not sure what you mean. This is a Firewall and has nothing to do with being an Antivirus program. Besides, updating Nod32 Antivirus was never a problem with this Firewall until a few months or so ago before Eset made security changes to their update servers. Thanks for chiming in though! J
  3. Hi Marcos: Thanks for your quick response. I am not 100% sure but it is configured as "ALLOW ALL" Is there any way you can test this issue yourself? The Firewall is Free and I have provided the link below. https://www.evorim.com/en/free-firewall It should be a rather quick test for you. Then perhaps you can check to see if I have configured the firewall properly. I have not had any issues with any other software and this Firewall. And, as I stated, I never had an issue with NOD32 Antivirus and this firewall for years until the past few months when Eset changed things. Everything was automatically configured after I hit "ALLOW" when the firewall detected NOD32 was trying to access the internet and Update itself. Many Thanks, J
  4. Hello Eset Support: I have not been able to NOD32 to automatically update with my Firewall on as others have mentioned. This has been going on for months now. I am using latest version 2.5.8 of Evorim Free FIrewall, and I have to shut the firewall down to click and update NOD32. Windows 10 21H1 64 Bit Firewall is off. The error message states: "The ESET Push Notification Service servers cannot be reached this could be due to an outage or a problem with your network connection." "Allow access to ESET push Notification Service servers on firewall" I am aware that this was caused by Eset changing the update servers to enhance security awhile ago. and I can Ping the servers when the Firewall is shut down, but I cannot get the updates to initialize with the Firewall on. In formation online point to the Firewall is blocking communication with epns.eset.com on port 8883. I did try to add permission for this on Evorim's Free Firewall by creating a Zone to ALLOW for communication with epns.eset.con through port 8883, but this did not work. Other files are also configured in the firewall to be ALLOWED like ekrn.exe but to no avail. This is very frustrating. And after being very long time customers of NOD32, we are ready to move on to a competitors Antivirus if we cannot get this resolved. We do not really want to do that, but at this point we will if we have to and we cannot redolve this issue in the next week or two. Any help would be much appreciated. Jay
  5. Eset NOD32 Antivirus latest version being blocked from updating by latest Evorim Free Firewall version 2.5.6. When I shut the firewall down, NOD32 updates without issues. This was not a problem with the previous version of Free Firewall. I have tried many things, but cannot get NOD32 to update with the firewall on. Microsoft firewalls for Windows 10 2004 (May 2020 update) are turned off. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Scott
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