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  1. Dear Mr. Marcos, This server has no internet connection so no access to repository.eset.com, we proceed and update only from share folder. How can i disable this communication in order to avoid similar notifications? Thank you.
  2. Dear Mr. Marcos, Again i am encountering the same problem , i am updating Eset file server from a folder, program component update -> Never Update. Product Version: 7.3.12 Signatures are updating successfully but i am getting program update failed invalid digital signature. I will send you in a personal email diagnostic logs. Thank you for your time.
  3. Dear Marco , Thank you, both issues resolved. Regarding the share folder update i disabled program update and the issue resolved no invalid digital signature. Regarding proxy update i disable proxy setting from connection and invalid digital signature disappear. Just to mention that in order to disable program update i had to do it two times in order to disappear the error.
  4. I manage to update with the offline mirror file and also tested updated throught proxy. In both cases module and definitions updated but i am still geting Product update failed invalid digital certificate
  5. Http is activated to mirror setup, for security reason we have isolate our server and we only copy the mirror files for the update. The path to the update server is the name of the local share folder that we copy inside the update files.
  6. Dear Marcos, Thank you for your prompt response, Mirror files are created by EFSW, unfortunately i can't access directly by HTTP proxy only through file transfer procedure.
  7. Hello, I have installed the following versions to a windows server 2016: ESET Management Agent : 7.2.1266 ESET File Server : 7.2.12004 Unfortunately, I can't proceed and update directly from the web soo If I try to update from a share folder I am getting "Product Update Failed" Invalid digital signature. I tried to clear update cache, reinstall both agent and file server but the status remains the same. The update folder is from a mirror Eset file server, with previous version 6.5 everything works fine no issue when updating.
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