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  1. 600MB log files tooo big and its a company computer I will be try next weak got some work just now disable auto update and do it manually Possible issue: - Tiny wall - processor is i5-6300U so it got 3264 points passmarkt ( so on VM you need adjust speed to get same expirance ) - windows 8.1 - meltdown, spectre patch On also with bios update ____ I think it a issue with testing on VM you got superpower PC maybe had epyc CPu at you work and you don't see this issue when update because even on Vm had one vCPU it will be blazing fast. laptops are different
  2. This some kind of joke my laptop t460p get overheat when your antivirus get update. All my day never fans turning on install ESET every time its update is use damm to much CPU fan get crazy my kids get weekup and its scream for few hours. I left my laptop on do something in kitchen bumm WTF that never happens for 4 year free antivirus don't have this issue like avast or defender avira 30% 70% of my CPU WTF Are you use super hiper compression that save bandwidth and overkill my cpu or wherever do it longer but stop use 30% of my CPU
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