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  1. yes sure eset can fix 1. once key registered first time just can keep his record to not let it active on other if i am not wrong can make some record to not let happen second 2. when somebody registerd first ask him to register with email so if he want to reset or anything will have on other email and fix this way just eset dont want stop and let peoples get cheated 😩
  2. so just can see if i am the person who active first then is fine just fix for me and rest all aleady will be killed if is over used
  3. i already provide you the log which day i was active on my pc and i am still on same pc willing to active you have got proof but seems you wont support anything and nor the seller 😩
  4. seems no solution and i just have to keep quite and nothing will happny anyway good bye no solution once your key is with issue 😩
  5. my email address what i use normaly i..........y@gmail.com and for taobao i use g........e@gmail.com and for chinese i use 41........7@qq.com
  6. my staff was help me buy from this taobao shop is 5.0 hxxp:// ₤XUVEcN6xIAf€回👉t~bao👈【官方正版ESET Nod32 Internet Security电脑防病毒杀毒软件激活码】
  7. can you please give him reminder ? as i am keep watching every few hours but no email from reseller thanks
  8. i was bought from a chinese website taobao and its already nearly 1 year as i was buy this on Apr 3rd and no have contact with supplier 😩 can you please give me guidence how i can fix it ?
  9. here is what you need ? when i was active this license i was got this and i was save this image too
  10. hi, i was having issue with eset as i feel was breaking interenet so i remove and install again the internet security now my internet is working but i am getting error on activate license
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