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  1. Thanks Marcos, I have opened a support ticket.
  2. That was amazingly fast, thank you. I have attached the log from my desktop machine. This is the one with and internal (not removable) drive I and the raid array, drive R, which is listed as removable. Only the C drive scans when "scan your computer" is clicked. ees_logs.zip
  3. This may be a dumb question, but I'm just testing this out on trial for now as I migrate away from Symantec (finally!) Scans are configured via web management under "Media to Scan" for local and removable drives, network drives are disabled. I am however getting different behavior for scans on different machines. Laptop has the internal C drive and internal R drive, works as expected, scans both drives. Desktop has internal C drive, internal I drive and an internal raid array R configured on an Areca raid card. Scan your computer only scans the C drive, even though the scan window lists the I drive as well. Selecting custom scan > scan targets > local drives selects C, I and R. The R drive also shows up under "Removable Media Scan." The I drive is not listed under removable media. I'll assume that's some quirk of the raid card, but even then I would expect that the I drive should at least be scanned as well based on the policy. Server 2016 is a VM on ESXi 6.7 using "File Security for Windows Server." Same policy configuration (separate policy though,) scan local and removable drives, network drive scans are disabled. Local drives C, Q, R and S. Here I have the same situation as the desktop, running a computer scan only scans the C drive. Custom Scan >Scan Targets > local drives selects C, Q, R, and S. Th Q, R and S drives are also listed under the removable media scan option. So after the long winded explanation of the setup, how do I get the policy setup to scan all the drives? Clearly I am missing something.
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