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  1. @peteyt Thanks for the suggestion. I looked and I can't see anything being blocked. @itman I tried the pre-release update. That did not seem to help. I also changed the traffic rule to TCP & UDP and nothing changed. @Marcos I disabled protocol filtering and nothing changed. Again, thank you to everyone for trying to help. I am increasingly wondering if this is not an ESET problem at all. Is there a way for me to check logs to see if anything from GoToMeeting is actually being blocked? If I can prove it is not ESET, then perhaps I can get GoToMeeting to give a closer look at this to see if it is really their software.
  2. @Marcos I apologize, but I'm not sure exactly what you are suggesting. As I said, I am not experienced with all of the settings in ESET (or other Firewalls in general). If the Firewall is paused already, what other setting would work? I have tried adding rules to open the appropriate ports for GoToMeeting (TCP/UDP), I have tried excluding the application from protocol filtering and I have tried to allow the GoToMeeting web sites and I have tried allowing the GoToMeeting addresses. None of those seem to make any difference. What is the pre-release update channel? @itman I tried to allow traffic to g2mcomm.exe. It has not seemed to help. Thank you to both for your ideas. This has been very time consuming and very frustrating thus far.
  3. Temporarily pausing the firewall did not help and I don't have any custom rules. It's very strange because I didn't actively do anything to either GoToMeeting or ESET. I am wondering if perhaps it could be related to a recent Windows update?
  4. Hi. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me use the GoToMeeting App with the latest updates of ESET Internet Security (Product version I have been using GoToMeeting and ESET for years and on Friday, I could no longer connect to GoToMeeting. I am not an expert with firewalls, but I tried to allow the GoToMeeting domains and create TCP/UDP Rules, but nothing I have tried seems to work. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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