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  1. 1. In "virus and threat protection" in win 10 it seems like eset is overriding it and turned off regular scans for Microsoft Defender as default. Should I keep it this way? 2. In "app and browser control" there is something called "reputation based protection" that is turned of. Should I keep it that way? I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to windows and privacy in the first place so if it's not a major benefit I'd rather have it turned off.
  2. Hi, I have a questions about "License usage: Overused" I saw this on your site after logging in but I have never seen this message in the eset program itself. I've bought 2 licenses for several years, one for me and one for my fathers computer. But I also have some laptops who I use from time to time (while traveling etc) that I also installed eset on with the same key. I've had no issue with this, ESET still seem to work. But now I get a little worried if I'm really fully protected, if there are limitations or no protection at all when it says that I have overused my licen
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