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  1. Thank you for the prompt reply. The link and suggestions were helpful. Since the database and CA are already migrated to the new ESMC appliance and I need to update the 6.5 agents to 7.2 My thought is to: 1. create a new server cert on the new ESMC appliance leaving host as the defualt *. 2. change the server cert on the new ESMC appliance to the new cert. 3. Redeploy the agent using a 3rd party deployment tool. I did notice that in the agent installer package advanced tab, in the Server Hostname Optional field. The database pull retained the old ERA.domain.com v
  2. I did not install the product initially. No one is in the company that was involved back then. I deployed the OVA. I Pulled the database. So far so good. I completed the setup of the new ESMC providing it a new host name and new ip address. I have not yet set a task to redirect the client agents to the new ESMC as I see a potential problem. Here is my question.... The 6.5 era server was called ERA.DOMAIN.COM and had an ip address of That name and address is reflected in the server certificate. CN=Server at era.domain.com and and;C=US;
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