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  1. Marcos, this was not true in our case. What new version of ESET Endpoint 8.x are you saying works for Dropbox v111 with setting "Auto"? Are you saying this was a known ESET issue which has been fixed? Also, setting scan action to "Ignore" is not a solution. Thanks
  2. Thanks ExcelIT2417. I did try to add the dropbox path in the policy on the server side but I was having path issues. Eventually we just upgraded dropbox to Beta v112 which has worked for us so far. I agree the SSL filtering is buggy in ESET right now.
  3. this is off-topic but related... ESET is doing something similar now to my Dropbox sync as well. I still have the blocking of SSL v2 turned off (locked) from the server policy so SSL IMAP is working. But today I see that my Dropbox sync shows "can't establish secure internet connection" unless I disable Protocol filtering from the ESET client. So when I get time tomorrow hopefully I can find what specific changes I need to make to the server policy for Dropbox.
  4. ExcelIT2417, your information above worked for me. Thanks for your testing and clear steps provided. I was testing on Friday and was trying Interactive mode as a work-around. Today I tried your suggestion above and now Outlook 2013 SSL IMAP is working again. I had previously turned off the blocking of SSL v2 in the client, but it didnt work for me until I locked it from the server policy as you recommended. Thanks.
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