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  1. Hi! I have Windows 10 and ESET Internet Security. If I look at Windows Security it is saying 'App & browser control - check apps and files is off. Your device may be vulnerable', with an option to turn on. I haven't changed this setting for any reason, but I was wondering if ESET settings had turned it off? If so, should I leave it off?
  2. Hi! I use ESET Internet Security and I commonly receive an ESET 'New device detected CD/DVD' pop-up notification in the top left hand corner of my screen regarding a DVD in my DVD drive. I was in my web browser today and went to click in the top left hand corner - however an ESET notification appeared where I was originally intending to click. I ended up clicking the ESET notification inadvertently without reading it, and so I was wondering whether there exists a log of pop-up notifications that I could look at to see what I clicked on.
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