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  1. Hi, Marcos. I'm running the log collector now. When I'm done, how should I upload my log files? Do I attach them to a post, or is there another method? In the meantime, here is some additional information: 1) I upgraded to EIS 14 from EIS 13 a few days ago. Everything went smoothly. No problems for the last few days. This is the first time I received the Application Modified alert. 2) I just received another Application Modified alert. This one was for ESET SysInspector. I'm not sure why it was trying to connect to the network, but I suspect it was activated by the Log Co
  2. I'm running ESET Internet Security on Windows 10. A short while ago, EIS generated a yellow "Application Modified" popup alerting me that egui.exe had been modified and was trying to connect to the network. The popup gave me the option to "disable rules" or "keep rules" for the firewall. I chose "keep rules" because I trust ESET. Now, I'm wondering if something is wrong because I wouldn't expect ESET to trigger an alert about its own GUI. Note, below, that modification of signed and trusted applications is allowed, so I should only get a notification about programs that are
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