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  1. Dear Marcos! Thank you for your response, you have actually acknowledged that the problem is caused by ESET and is not being addressed by ESET developers ... as it has been for years! It’s instructive for me too, other times I’ll take a closer look at what program I’m spending € 45 on (the 30-day trial was a bit deceptive). Thanks to everyone for your post, the topic is closed for me!
  2. Dear Itman! The uBlockOrigin, AdGuard and Ghostery ad filters work fine, and they're integrated into Chrome and Firefox! The problem I described above has been around for years, as I have read in the forums, but it has never changed. There are several Computers in the family, each with a different paid, reputable antivirus, but the Zippyshare site and other video viewing sites are only blocked by ESET! I note there was no problem, blocking for the first 30 days after installation, but since then it has been useless and terribly annoying to me! Itman thank you for your answer too!
  3. Maybe ESET should reconsider its defense and blocking mechanism in this area, as the ad filters I wrote above do these tasks perfectly ..... or the ESET developer contact Zippyshare, after all we have been subscribing for 1 year to ESET Internet Security, and this problem will not resolve itself .... we can write anything and how much about it! Anyway, thanks for the answers everyone!
  4. I think ESET is concerned with downloadable video, music and program content and not commercials. Ads are completely effectively filtered out by uBlockOrigin, AdGuard, Ghostery advertising filters. Here I have read about this ESET problem on the ESET website and in the forums of other sites, years ago. During all this time, I think that the developers of ESET and the administrators of Zippy could have found a solution a long time ago, because that is how we users are doing the worst. Other paid, famous anti-virus writers do not block these sites, only ESET. I took down the ESET antivirus for 1 week and used the free movie sites and Zippyshare for several hours a day. After 1 week I put ESET back, I thought I would find a lot of viruses and trojans on my machine. The result is surprising: NOTHING was found. Then why is ESET blocking these pages ????? Should I have stayed with the old proven, paid antivirus? Anyway, after 1 year I prefer the competing antivirus again ......
  5. Why can't I open any zippyshare page, especially if there is a downloadable file on the page? Why is ESET blocking the page and raising the HTML / ScrInject.B Trojaner warning? Why don't other paid and reputable virus protection block this? Is there a solution for this? Thank you in advance for your help!
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