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  1. Nevermind... BSOD is back without nod32... I guess the issue is elsewhere. Thank you everyone who tried to help!
  2. Can't say now since it's uninstalled... but it was the last one since I downloaded it from the website to install it on the new Windows image
  3. Fresh. Formated the disk and partitions were created again
  4. Windows 10 Pro (with the iso downloaded from microsoft site)
  5. I've reinstalled Windows since I was having a lot of random BSOD errors. On the new installation, it was going fine until I've installed NOD32. Then, I uninstalled it and I haven't had a BSOD again. I'm attaching the memory dump so you can confirm if the software is causing it. Again, the windows installation is brand new and all drivers are up to date. MEMORY.rar
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