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  1. Thanks Marcos I got it I had to go into command prompt and generate a new cert in PFsense it kind of threw me off because it happened right after I installed ESET
  2. After installing ESET when I try to access my hardware firewall Pfsense IP I get an error message I have been accessing it from my browser for years. I run the firewall trobleshooting wizard to get a list of recently blocked communications and Pfsense is not listed. In the attached pictures Eset sees the firewall when I click open router interface I get the error message in the second picture. I got into the firewall on another computer none of the PFsense logs shows it blocking my computer the second computer is not running ESET
  3. After I installed ESET internet security on my work computer I can no longer connect to it from my home computer. My shop firewall is PFsense with OPEN VPN installed on it and my home computer for extra security. How do I unblock it?
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