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  1. I began the use of Nod32 when the program was 4 or so modules. The company from my vantage point was small, in San Diego and the program was light and fast. I have enjoyed my stay. HOWEVER. Lately it has interfered with several critical services in Windows 10, namely system restore and the number of intrusions on the internet have increased exponentially. I am not even using the internet security. I think that I have called San Diego, maybe 20 times over at least 12 years. Its also been pleasant. I spoke with the service manager and had his number. I ran into difficulty and after feeling that the chat rep needs to learn how to read and after wasted time, I call the tech manager back. I was met by an arrogance that was demeaning to me as a customer. Hubris that I took to mean, like it or lump it. Or how the hell did you get my number. No we're a big company, started in Czechoslovakia. (My Grand Mother was Czech, so no offense.) I did not mention that the past three times trying to uninstall so I can use system restore, the darn thing wouldn't uninstall. The tool used in safe mode created a dos display was keyboard incapable after the first "yes" key press. Well, needless to say this was too much info to discuss on chat and the hell I'm going to pay 40 bucks for bungled code. So tech support not being responsible for the developers and taking my "complaint" as feedback is like tech support taking a pass on its home customers. Well, no thanks and thanks for 12 years of great programming. But it seems that perhaps the small town charm has become big time Scr*w you. I guess, a love once new, has grown old. Paul
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