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  1. I noticed last week my computer cpu being used a lot, and available memory being very low. Looking into it, I found an SVCHOST.exe process using around 10 to 20% cpu, and up to 1.2 gigs of memory. I killed the process, and it stopped, without affecting Windows. However, about 12 minutes later it restarts the process. I downloaded Malwarebytes, and it shows that when this happens, outgoing data to a malicious website flyclick.biz is stopped. No scan I have run using Malwarebytes, Adaware, Search and Destroy, or Spyhunter seems to find this problem, but Roguekiller does find one or two processes in it's Prescan, and kills it. However, one of the SVCHOST.exe processes it kills is the plug and play or power process, and it re-boots my computer. Obviously something is using my computer for some nefarious purpose, and since I sometimes do financial actions using my computer this is very concerning. I finally downloaded ESET NOD32, and it found and fixed a few issues, but the main issue remained. I ran it in SAFE mode, and when it was done the problem was gone. I cannot find a log for that Safe Mode scan, but I won't complain much. Thanks, Daniel
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