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  1. So how can I setup remote uninstaller? I cannot find anything about uninstaller related in system registry.
  2. Win32 app for Intune with all-in-one installer is installing fine using parameter ERA_Installer_x64_en_US.exe --silent --accepteula --avr-disable I was wondering how to setup remote uninstaller?
  3. Thank you both for your input on this. I think I'm close to what I need to setup. Are there requirements for any server tasks that need to be running to make this work? How long approximately can this take to have results for dynamic groups? How do you target dynamic groups with tasks? Are you assigning tags to them? Thank you
  4. I've created template but not sure how long it takes for ESMC to find all devices matching rules unless this is not right place to find it that list?
  5. It is via Eset's server. Can you tell how would does throttling work?
  6. Hi Guys, I was wondering what is your approach for keeping machines up to date. How do you setup planned triggering for updates rollout? I have around 500 endpoint devices and I would prefer doing it gradually spread this to batches and and batches during hours to not kill management center or network. I setup as on attached pictures but this doesn't seems to be doing anything at all. I think reason why this won't work is I have not setup Advanced Settings - Throttling but I can't find explanation how this work (examples). Thanks for any input on this.
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