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  1. We have a large amount of clients on 7.02 of ESET Endpoint. Is there a way to update them from the portal to 7.3, or are we going to have to manually update them all? We have tried the update option on the portal, but it has not pushed through the update to multiple computers that we have tested on.
  2. WSL.ziptrace.log Here are the files from one of the locations. It is the one we updated. I will grab the others later.
  3. We are preparing to update customers from Endpoint 7.2 to 7.3. However, we have discovered that a large number of the computers have lost their connection to the ESET Security Management Center. However, the clients are not starting that there is an issue with the connection on their end. ees_logs.zip We have updated the Client from 7.2 to 7.3 and it did not help. We have also completely uninstalled the client and reinstalled it, and again, it did not help. The client still shows as licensed, that connection has not been broken. I have attached the logs of two sepa
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