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  1. I had the same problem. I disabled ESET FIrewall for all the company +340 users.
  2. Hi, Im working on a 350 employees company. From one day to another. ALL our eset Endpoint Antivirus were bugged with version 5. This bugged version dont Protect your PC, can't update anything. The App bar says Security, inside the HUD says, Antivirus. OK..I've been resolving it by patching the 5. (bugged dumb version) then uninstalled patched version because it doesnt update from there sometimes either. then installing Antivirus or Security 7.3 (many headaches, different problems, and scenarios) https://support.eset.com/en/kb7442-solution-for-eset-endpoint-product-5x I'm solving this mess done by ESET since like 2 months ago.. and now the only working version we had.. the 7.2 it's obsolete??? Geez
  3. I had this issue with Endpoint Security on a normal workstation with Windows 10. It blocked the WHOLE network. I didn't configured Safe Zones but I never thought it would not have an automatic recognition of safe zones. I ended up switching off FIrewall and using the W10 Firewall.
  4. Loud and clear! Thank you again.. Greetings
  5. It replicates instantly after I add the policy to my all 4 Static Groups? (like 300 Devices)? That's my big doubt my friend.
  6. Finnaly I had to re-install with the new policy embedded in the AIO Installer I Still don't know how to send New Policy to PC from ESMC. ESMC send Policy each "X" hours? no way to send right away a policy? Thanks
  7. Hi Again Marcos, thanks for your previous help. I Understand what you saying but. I only have 1 "Agent Policy" and it's set to 4 Static AD Groups, and it's forced. Is there anyway to make a task to re apply the Agent Policy to all those 4 groups? or how it works? I want to apply a new agent policiy, but the client keeps saying "Firewall deactivated, needs attention" Thanks in advice
  8. Hi. I've modified a Policy wich "hide" license info (Why is this even public)? that Key cost us alot. LoL. And another Policy to Disable Firewall Off Notifications. But I see no way to PUSH a policy or "force" it. How Can I force a Change in a established policy? Thanks!
  9. I think I'm Ok now, just have to try it. Yeah, I was talking about updates only. I don't need communication from the agents outside, only client for updates. Thanks a lot.
  10. I was confused at first when readed "Proxy" I said, Why do I need a Proxy? you were refering to the server itself. This is what I needed to know, (Proxy was already configured) so It was working as intended, Im making some test now, to check if a laptop updates from outside. Thanks!!
  11. 1.- By default when you send Install Client Order through ESMC his config says SEVER.INTERNAL.LAN address. Port 2222 2.- Or when you make a ALL in One Client the config also points automatically to SERVER.INTERNAL.LAN Port 2222 What happends if the server it's outside the company, it don't find SERVER.INTERNAL.LAN Does it automatically will go to ESET via INTERNET? that's my question... I don't want to config any proxy. Thanks in advice
  12. I have for example ESET internal server But what about outside the company? Question: I Want to know if by default being outside the company The Client will go to ESET.COM to check for updates if Local Server isn't found? I know that there is an option to config. it but i dont want to put hands on it. if it's already "automatically". Thanks! Versions: ESET Security Management Center (Server), Versión 7.2 (7.2.1278.0)ESET Security Management Center (Consola web), Versión 7.2 (
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