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  1. Hello Marcos, we tried downloading the .msi files from several different locations and had the same issue. All other downloads are working fine. Today working with ECA is still horrible... error messages over error messages...
  2. Still quite horrible to work with ECA here... Had to roll out ~ 100 Endpoints yesterday... took me at least twice the time normally needed... Package download super slow, even manually downloading the .msi files from ESET took over half an hour for ~ 180mb.... rolling out the clients over ECA still impossible, had to use PDQ-Deploy to install the agents and the Endpoint security suite. Defining policies, activating the licences... dont ask... errors, errors and more errors... 100 times reloading ECA, need to do some work 3 or 4 times, because it was not possible to save, because of logout errors... ESET, get your sh1t together.... This is your super Cloud solution? Over one week barely availiable? Personally i will check how it is possible to migrate from ECA to ESMC.... something like this must not happen to a company providing "safer technology"....
  3. The problem is definitly not solved here. Some of the errors are still present... While working in ECA, suddenly everything fades to black, to surprise with a random error message after that: "Failed to load groups" "Data Source unavailiable" or getting logged out to wait an endless time until its possible to login again.... The last 20 Minutes it is completly impossible to login again... See the attached screenshots...
  4. Yeah... i am starting to regret the change from a on premise solution to the ECA...
  5. I have trouble using ECA since thursday. Endless login times, site loading fails "Something went wrong, please try again later", permanent failures if you try to open a site... Is this a joke or what? They cant manage it to get this running again in 5 days? Opened a ticket, reply was: Try again later... Great! I need to roll out ESET on ~80 Computers on wednesday and i dont see a possibility to do this under these circumstances. It cant be true, that something that important like the ECA ist not running properly for that long!
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