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  1. Hi all! Coming back to say that yes, restarting (in some instances, multiple times) does actually resolve this issue after the Components Upgrade task is ran. It seems that the ESET agent is incorrectly reporting its version number shortly after the upgrade (it even appears incorrectly in appwiz.cpl, until the restart(s) happen). Thanks all :)
  2. And I can not stress this enough, I am upgrading agents from 7.x, not from 6.x or below. Everything I see online through ESET's website and elsewhere suggests that the ESET Management Agent can be updated by using the task type "Security Management Center Components Upgrade." This works fine when upgrading agents from 6.x to latest version 7.2. However, if the agent is 7.0 or 7.1, this same task type does not upgrade agents to 7.2. Is there a task to perform this agent upgrade? If not, how can be it be done manually? Pics related, all from the same machine. There are many machines in our management with the same issue.
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