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  1. I've reported the problem, you've checked the SysResque on 6 objects and didn't confirm the issue. Is this all? It seams that the project is dead, didn't updated for two years, not many users are using it and there is no intention to fix bugs.
  2. Lets quick check the settings. Here is my https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zSm_wO3RzWpEvbv9bM9fuYkffiHj-Pyt/view
  3. I've tried this multiple times on different platforms over the years, native USB flash boot on multiple machines and VM, and this problem is very well reproduced. I can't believe that no one have reported it yet. It appears when the number of scanned object is huge. I can't reproduce it when I scan just 6 objects also.
  4. There is no log in "Toots->Log files" tab and if I click Show scan log in the "On-demand scan" tab it just closes the SysRescue window. I've uploaded the screen record here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M7P8QipLWfuXMKvrihuFe4a-5rTLtxbv/view
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