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  1. 2020 Intel Core i7 27" iMac running macOS Ventura 13.5 and ESET 7.3.3700.0 I am trying to troubleshoot a network issue and want to temporarily disable the Web & Email transparent proxy so I can rule it out. Switching off Web protection, Anti-phishing protection and Email protection in the application settings has no effect, it just generates warning messages about being unprotected, but when I go to my network settings, the ESET filter is still showing as active. There is no Quit option in ESET, just an option to close the user interface. I did try going to Activity Monitor and killing all ESET processes but you can't, the core ESET task is persistent. Booting into Safe Mode isn't really an option as other things will be disabled as well making it harder to pinpoint the issue. I get that ESET needs to protect itself because what use is an anti-malware app that can be shut down by a virus, but I don't want to have to uninstall/reinstall ESET if possible. So is there a way to temporarily disable or quit ESET?
  2. ESET Cyber Security (version 6.10.460.1) running under macOS 11.2.1 is showing me a warning triangle in the menu bar and is telling me that my license is due to expire shortly and that I should follow a link to the purchase page and renew it. However, my license is set to automatically renew and my payment information is up to date so this warning is misleading and unnecessary. Is there a way to remove this warning message?
  3. I made the changes recommended (excluding the Time Machine volume and application) and the console messages have stopped. Many thanks for the tip!
  4. I have ESET Cyber Security (for Mac) installed on a 2008 Mac Pro running Mountain Lion 10.8.3 I have noticed that immediately after booting there is a flood (as in hundreds) of messages from the ESET software in the console as follows: 06:34:21 kernel: EV: ESET OnAccess module for MAC OS X: 'Get path from vnode failed' at line: 3477 dt:000005599[ns] 06:34:21 kernel: KAUTH: unable to get path for vp 0xffffff803ea50550 (err=2) This pair of messages is repeated over and over again with just the 'dt' value in the first line and what looks like an address in the second line changing (i.e. the bits I highlighted). Any idea what's going on? Is the ESET Cyber Security software having a problem that needs addressing? Are there paths/files on my Mac that it can't access? Many thanks for any ideas.
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