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  1. I did some further investigation and I found out that our licence, originally for NOD32 Antivirus, has been recently "upgraded" to ESET Endpoint Protection Standard. That's probably why is now notifying me that I can switch to an other product, given I'm still using NOD32 Antivirus on that client (well, actually on all clients). Thank you anyway for your reply; I'll accept your answer as solution, so that this thread can be marked as closed.
  2. Hi, I just updated my Nod32 Antivirus to v. and after the reboot I noticed a notification mark (blue dot with a white i) on the Eset icon in the traybar, so I clicked it. In the home screen of Nod32 Antivirus there is a notification that says: Switch to a product with more features Your license allows you to install a product with more features. Don't miss the extended protection you've already paid for. Restart the product to apply the product change (recommended) Keep the current product and don't remind me again. The odd part, tho, is that: 1) My licen
  3. Yes, I did noticed that after a week from my post NOD32 was no longer detecting both the installer and the xul.dll files as "Suspicious Object". Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, since few days, I'm experiencing a problem with NOD32 and the TOR browser. While I try to get the latest Win 32bit installer (English) from the official Tor Project download page, my Nod32 Antivirus (v. keeps detecting the downloaded EXE file as a "Suspicious Object" and to remove/quarantine it. If I try to get the 64bit installer, tho, the problem doesn't occur during the download, but during the installation the file xul.dll (%ProgramFiles%\Tor Browser\Browser\xul.dll) is detected as "Suspicious Object" and removed/quarantined. I tried (on different de
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