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  1. Hello, I have been ordered to make my own ESET dashboard on MSPOWERBI. I have been struggling to get the data I needed from the database. So I contacted the ESET support and they suggested me to use API to get data from the Database. Can anyone please help me how to get data from the database? The data I need is: Detailed info inside these categories: "Attention required", "Security risk", "Ok", "Malfunction" . (Device Status) Connection Status Management status (Managed, unmanaged, Rogue) Product Version Status
  2. Hello, I am building a dashboard on PowerBi for ESET in our Company. I know that there are dashboards on the website. But our management required us to make a dashboard on PowerBi. I imported MySQL database tables to PowerBi but there are hundreds of tables and I am not sure how their relationship is working. I need to build a dashboard with basic information. I want to make exact same dashboard as: Status Overview, Security, OverView, Computers, Security Management Center Server, and the list of all our computers with ESET installed on it etc. Can anyone please help me?
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