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  1. When DNS blocking happens, ESET is also complaining that cant access "ESET Live Grid". I will try the above and post here the results thx
  2. The problem appears suddenly without having added rules the last 1-2h!! Does ESET have a way to export accurate logs when it is blocking DNS requests so I can detect which rule is causing the issue?
  3. The problem is not intermittent! Let me describe better: I have a clean ESET installation. Everything works perfectly. Suddenly after a few weeks all DNS requests are blocked. To keep up working I have to disable ESET firewall (permanently) or reinstall ESET from scratch. If I reinstall everything is working. Something is blocking DNS requests. So I have started this post because I have reinstalled it already 3-4 times and I want to find the root of the problem. Update: After I set it to Automatic mode and restarted my PC everything works; DNS is not blocked. So it should be a problematic rule in the firewall/Interactive Mode !
  4. The first rule is mine, inserted at the top of the list. The rest rules are predefined and I cannot edit them
  5. When I change to Automatic mode, do I have to restart Windows to take effect ? If I uninstall ESET, yes the problem dissapears. If I disable ESET firewall, yes the problem dissapears Can you please explain why you think the issue is ISP related ?
  6. It's not related to ISP, it is 100% related to ESET: 1. I am not using VPN 2. It's not DNS related: I have tried with numerous DNS and other PCs in the network can do queries to them while ESET is blocking queries on my PC 3. I am not using Edge, I just tried it to confirm that wasn't a Firefox issue. But the problem appear browsers. As soon as the problem appears is constant. I have to disable firewall to access anything.
  7. Yes, they match and they are updated correctly if I change them in Windows. Automatic mode is also not working (just tested) If I reset to default it works for a few weeks or months and they again the same problem appears
  8. I am using Interactive mode. ESET is blocking all DNS requests for some reason. So nothing works... Lets focus on browsing with Firefox. (It's not browser related as the same problem appears also to Edge browser; the error description is "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" so its DNS issue). If I disable Network Protection > Firewall everything is OK 1) I have tried to uninstall and delete all the configuration but it appears again and again 2) I created a rule at the top permitting all DNS requests. The problem remains. (Allow all TCP/UDP Remote Port 53) 3) Temporary IP address blacklist is zero & Recently blocked application or devices is zero. 4) I tried to create some logs Help > Details for Technical Support Advanced Logging > Edit the file and search for firefox. I dont see any entry. Any idea how to troubleshoot the problem or what is causing the issue? This behavior appears every few months and I don't know why it appears again and again. I am using ESET Internet Security version, Windows 10 Pro(64-bit) Thank you
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