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  1. Normally it's possible te use (un)install commands with Intune, for instance the ESET package installs with the command ESMC_Installer_x64_nl_NL 8.0.exe --silent. To uninstall you can then user ESMC_Installer_x64_nl_NL 8.0.exe --silent --uninstall, buit because this is an allinone installation, this is not working. When you use a 'normal' installer you can assign a package in Intune to a group for installation. But when you will unstall the package, you can assign the package to the same group as an uninstall. It's all about assignment with Intune in this case. Maybe I can make a Intune package with the mentiont EsetUninstaller.exe if this unstall all ESET products, when executed.
  2. At this moment we have installed and provide updates through Intune packages for laptops, this is working fine, but we want to uninstall EEES and tge agent now from a group laptops. I want to use Intune again, but because the packages is based on the ESET allinone installer, this is not working. Unistall form the ESET products through the ESET management portal is not an options for this moment. Has someone any idea how to deal with this? Is it maybe possible to unpack the allinone package into standalone installers for the agent and Endpoint Security?
  3. We are using EES and we are going to use Intune and autopilot to enroll laptops. A colleague has tried to add a package (ees_nt64.msi) in Intune, so far this works, but when ESET install we need to activate the installation by hand. Is there an option to activate the "package" or add some information to the package (with Orca) so activation will occure automatically.
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