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  1. Ah bummer, so if there is no possibility of saving proxy settings, then proxy settings are unusable and we are not able to use SysRescue Is there an older version we can download where we can input proxy settings and get updated virus definitions before we connect the USB to the infected device?
  2. Hi, I want to use Sysrescue, however we utilize http proxy. I try to setup proxy according to https://help.eset.com/sysrescue_live/en-US/setup.html but i cant seem to save this, even for the current session. There is only one button in this window, "default", which loads default settings. If i input proxy settings and close the proxy window, update fails. When i open proxy settings all parameters are gone so they are not saved. How can i specify proxy settings so that i can update the virus definitions, when proxy information fails to be set? EDIT: Tried selecting "update" and adding a fake update server with ip "", and selecting this from dropdown in the update window. This saves. When i open update, it will show the "" server. So it is only the proxy settings that are not saved. Is there a file i can edit to manually set the proxy settings?
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