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  1. It´s actually an M.2 SSD, which is probably worse =/ I´m not sure how to share logs and upload them though. Would be awesome if you could help me with that.
  2. Oh, and for some reason it´s using all my C drive capacity as well.....I´ve had almost 150TB written in the past week....that´s more that I´ve had for the past year.... And this is after having the computer turned on for maybe 6hours or so....nothing to do with start-up....
  3. It varies, but between 10min to 2h. The issue is still there if I skip the startup scan.It says and there is no 13.2.16 version I can update to?
  4. I've had this problem for the past 2 weeks. ESET service is filling up to 90%+ of my RAM memory (total of 32GB) and my OS-drive is also getting filled up almost to full. Can someone please help me?
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