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  1. how do i perform scan in safe mode on windows 10 with internet security? Thanks
  2. this is exactly what i have done " flipping between Interactive and Automatic mode" maybe this is what is causing the issues as when i think about it i have had problems in the past where things didn't work after changing modes, i am now using automatic mode and will not change and i will see if any problems arise. in regards to contradicting myself let me explain, after creating the rules and them not working i deleted them and re-created them again after a few attempts of deleting and re-creating the rules took and everything worked again and still is.Let me be clear i really like ESET i have not got any infection ever since i started using it (from version 8)but i do believe that there is a problem with the firewall going mad from time to time,and i believe that this will be looked into an fixed at some point when they figure out just what is going on.
  3. everything is working as it should now(YAY) but i think that the other poster here may have a point in that it seems as though it can take a few attempts at creating a rule before it actually takes????????
  4. Thanks for the reply i seem to have got one program working as it should(monkeymote)for the moment any way i went into the firewall wizard and utorrent and some other apps had been blocked including ESET, i am not able to get the logs atm but if the problem still exists tomorrow i will do as you asked
  5. Windows 10 version 2004 i have noticed that the firewall is not working anymore in that it does not obey rules i have created and the only way to get some applications to connect is by disabling the firewall, i have had no problems using ESET for the many years that i have. the programs i am having trouble with are monkey mote for foobar(been working for years never had any trouble) and utorrent which will download but there are no incoming connections until i disable the firewall then all is good it does not matter what firewall mode i select still no connections until i disable the firewall other programs are connecting fine.I have plenty of experience with computers and ESET does anyone have any idea of what is going on, also once utorrent makes the connections i can re-enable the firewall and the connections are not lost or terminated but no new connections will occur.
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