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  1. Log all objects has been disabled everywhere so I'll let you know if we still have issues. Thanks.
  2. So if I have idle-state scanning enabled but don't have logging enabled, then is there still a record of the scans somewhere? For compliance purposes I need to be able to show scan results. It's also only occurring on two machines, and during times when the machines are actively being used (i.e. not idle).
  3. I tired to send you a message but it tells me you cannot receive messages. Here's the link to download it: https://carecaminnovations-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/steve_kay_newoceanhealth_com/ETud_PPQ1kNDsIUmlwHmtrYBYUu_ubpFa2_rQIgiplFzIg?e=UObDz0
  4. I made the change to not log all blocked operations. Adding the additional artifacts to the log collector caused the file size to grow to 200 MB so I can't upload it here.
  5. I have checked the on-demand, idle-state, and startup scan settings and all three have log all objects disabled.
  6. I have multiple Windows 10 clients who are seeing 100% CPU utilization and gigabytes worth of log files being written every day to the escan folder. They are all running ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.3.2039.0. Log all objects is disabled in the startup scan, the software has been removed and reinstalled but the excessive logging continues.
  7. I do not. My machine is one of those affected and the language is set to English (US).
  8. About half of my Mac Endpoint Antivirus clients have the wrong repository language (fr_FR), so the menu options are in French. is there any way to change that short of uninstalling and reinstalling the product? I don't know how this happened since all of the clients were installed at the same time with the same live installer link.
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