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  1. Hi, this is a follow up on topic which I started. Solution proposed by @itman specifically "If I recollect, a rule is added at the end of the rule set when Interactive mode select that is in essence an ask rule for any inbound and outbound network traffic" didn't work: I didn't find any rule added when firewall goes into Interactive mode. However his message helped to come to potential solution: when exporting-importing ESET product settings including firewall rules, the versions of source software and target one should match. If they don't it worth either to: 1. if
  2. It would take some time to prepare them. Do you have any ideas in the meanwhile re: why this could be?
  3. Hi, I get "No usable rule found" records in firewall log, Action is Blocked, connection blocked. Firewall is in Interactive mode. No pop-ups show up for new inbound and outbound connections. Applies to ESET Internet Security, Windows 7. Please help. Details: I assume "No usable rule found" log record should never appear while firewall is in Interactive mode. The purpose of Interactive mode is to show firewall request upon each new connection which doesn't fit any existing rule. In my case that doesn't happen, when no rule fits connection is just blocked with such a log. A
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