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  1. since I entered the exclusions it works like a charm
  2. UPDATE: I need to test the configuration but seem to work with these exclusion, this is for Catalina, because the other macOS version wasn't using the same path for local time machine snapshots I will give it a week to be sure that it's fixed.
  3. After have tested backup without ESET I got finally it working. Reinstalled my ESET Endpoint Antivirus (but the same with other products for mac) , setup the exclusion on Time Machine Volume doesn't work and I get the attached error.
  4. From years I was facing continuously error with Time Machine on my NAS , before with High Sierra, then with Mojave and with the last one Catalina too. The system was asking me to make a new entire backup because of corruption. I tried CCC to make a backup on my NAS too, on a sparsebundle obviously but with error. I opted to make a Time Machine on USB. Now seems to have solved the problem uninstalling ESET Security from the Mac. try to uninstall your antivirus if you have the same problem.
  5. I'm facing corruption of time machine backups on NAS from many time (Mojave and Catalina too) , after many research I found out that Uninstalling ESET Product seems to solve the problem. No one with the same problem ?
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