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  1. I have to go back to the BETA version. It'a a bug in 6.9.200?? regards
  2. Hello, it not possible to general exclude ip addresses from scanning in version 6.9.200 anymore! In 6.8.455Beta it works fine. I have to go back to the BETA version. It'a a bug?? regards
  3. Yes it's a website on this address/device. It's a printer.
  4. I try to exclude a IP address from "web and mail" scan. In 6.8.455.0 I do that in "ESET Cyper Security Preferences --> General --> Exclusion --> Setup" add That work - ESET will not scan that Website, website didn't lost connection. In that will not work anymore. Website lost connection every time. I deinstalled the old version and installed the new version. Has no affect .... So I have to install the 6.8.455 that I can work - that was bad. Joachim Vorrath
  5. Hello, I installed the ESET Cyber Security for MAC, have a big issue with that version! I can't exclude a ip address anymore!! In Beta version 6.8.455.0 it work without any trouble. can someone help - or it this version buggy? regards Joachim Vorrath
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