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  1. In the path C:\Program Files\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent I don't have a folder EraAgentApplicationData It probably wasn't created during installation. EDIT: in centos (eset management) i have status.html and trace.log
  2. Thank you for your answer. In programdata/eset/remoteadministrator/agent I don't have status.html and trace.log files
  3. I ping the ESET Security Management Center machine and it's OK. When I ping my PC from the machine, I can't see it. Does this have something to do?
  4. When I tried to search for computers, I entered the data in Access Directory and the computers are visible. When try to turn off one of the computers remotely, nothing happens. Anything else I need to configure?
  5. Hi. I installed ESET Security Management Center on my CentOS. How can I add all the computers in my network now? I can see in the panel only CentOS server.
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