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  1. Hey, where am I finding this option? I can goto advanced setup on client machines and it's greyed out, I can also find it on the server and it's enabled and disabling it doesnt show anything else it just greys out the beneath items which we want enabled.. I cannot find any policy editor on the security management centre, unless I'm being blind? I am able to disable the option on the server (picture above) however that greys out the below options and surely we want these enabled?? Plus I dont see the Dynamic Threat defense either way.. Thanks for all the help
  2. Hey, how do i go to "disable" it, as I can't find it anywhere..? We currently have 230 assigned licences, I will have a chat with the director to see what we actually have and his thoughts, I appreciate the reply. EDIT: These are the licences on the business account section
  3. Hey, We're getting an error on every machine with ESET installed of "ESET Dynamic Threat Defense is not activated or licence is invalid" To my knowledge, we do not have a licence for Dynamic Threat Defense, however I cannot find how to disable this from being picked up. I am relatively new to the ESET console, so as much help as possible would be appreciated! Cheers, Tom.
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