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  1. SPearce, I opened a case and below is what they sent me. I did solution two in the article where I changed the repository from AUTOSELECT to hxxp://repositorynocdn.eset.com/v1 and then I rebooted the computer to restart the Management Console and was able to push updates successfully after that. Not sure if it was changing the repository or the restart, or both that fixed it. Please follow the steps from the article in the link below. Note that whenever you make a change and save it, you must restart the ESET ESMC server service and wait a few minutes before trying again. http
  2. The Repository server was already set to Autoselect. I will open a support case. Thanks for the help.
  3. I didn't change any configuration, just ran the Task: Software Installation (ESET Endpoint Antivirus) - via context menu This is the link it shows in that task: hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/eea/windows/v7/7.3.2032.0/eea_nt64.msi.eula/eulaenu.html I've logged on to some of those computers that the install failed on and verified that they could access that URL. I don't understand why I get the errors if I'm not changing any of the default configuration and I can access that link from those computers.
  4. This is the package it shows in the summary of the task: ESET Endpoint Antivirus; version 7.3.2032.0 for windows (WINDOWS), language en_US
  5. Sorry, maybe wrong words to use. What I'm trying to do is update all of my Eset Endpoint Antivirus applications on the computers across my network. I've tried creating several different tasks to do this, and not sure if I'm missing something in the configuration of the task, but I keep getting the above errors. The last way I tried to update them was by just looking under Application Version Status on the Dashboard. It showed over 70% are outdated so I clicked "Update installed ESET products..." and clicked through the prompts. It ran successfully on a few computers, but failed on pr
  6. When I try to update modules on computers across our network, I get these two messages: ***Failed to synchronize package repository. See trace message for more details. ***Package not found in repository Our company covers 9 locations, each with it's own IP range, but they're all on the same domain. The computers that are at the same location as the computer with the ESMC do not get the error, it's only devices at other locations. Any tips on how to work around these errors?
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