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  1. Hi, i have been doing some malware analysis for the past few months and learning about it. Also i have been browsing several forums and found that the only AV that gives problem to the malware authors is the run-time detection feature of ESET. Every other malware developer is making a thread on "How to bypass ESET runtime detection? " or "FUD stub except ESET runtime" or some expert developers showing off how they were able to crypt their payload to escape ESET run-time detection. So, i looked into the websites doing AV software comparisons and none of those websites or any youtube
  2. I used the family wifi connection from morning, even torrented from morning and in the last 14 hours i dint receive any attack or port scanning. Thanks a lot for the ESET staffs for solving my issue I contacted my isp and they should be visiting me by monday to setup the router for my connection. Yes i got RDP attacks too. Actually utorrent works if the attacks happen, but if i receive more than 7 or 8 attacks in a short span of time, my internet slowed down to 1/2 or even to 1/4 of its original speed. I then had to completely disconnect and reconnect from the internet to get back my
  3. Oh ok sir. I have a wifi at home which the rest of the family uses. I am using another connection from the same isp which is directly plugged into my laptop port since it gave me the least ping while gaming. I have a doubt. Everyone who use a desktop pc has a wired connection plugged directly into their pc's cpu right ? Is it the same as the way i am currently using on my laptop or different ? (During gaming i starting getting ping spikes and so the rest of the players adviced me to use a wired connection & to stop using a wifi) So i ended up using the internet connection like this .
  4. I need incoming for my torrent client alone and i have made a rule for it. Will the new rule of denying all incoming connections affect that of my torrent client also ? EDIT : I just tried blockin all incoming connections in firewall. I still get the attacks. It says "A device on the network is trying to exploit a security vulnerability" . In firewall i choose inbound to "Deny", for type i choose "all" and clicked save. I din't choose any specific apps or ports in the Local and remote tabs (I just left them empty) Is this the right way to block all incoming connections ?
  5. Here are the logs from ESET Log Collector. I have attached them. eis_logs.zip
  6. Hi, i keep getting application security vulnerability network attack. I stopped all torrents and now i keep getting "SMB attack generic" attack exploitation message by ESET IS every 10-15 minutes. But when i see the logs section of "Network protection" there is no log of the attack. The eset message says "It could be attackers trying to gain control of your system". How can i stop this ? Here is the network protection log i have. Some time i get port scanning attacks also.
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