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  1. I have found the main issue. In the same article I reference in my previous post, it mentions that the ESMC installer must be run while MS SQL is in Mixed authentication mode. After I changed to Mixed auth mode from only Windows auth the installer moved forward. After dealing with some unique service issues, I was able to successfully upgrade the server to v7.2.1266.0. I will need to add changing the authentication mode to the upgrade process for the future. Thank you for your assistance.
  2. In that file I found this (name replaced): DatabaseType=MSSQLOdbc DatabaseConnectionString=Driver={SQL Server Native Client 11.0};Server=$servername\$instancename;Database=era_db;Trusted_Connection=yes I do remember referencing this article, https://support.eset.com/en/kb6913-use-windows-authentication-for-connection-to-sql-server-database-in-eset-security-management-center, just after the installation was complete. There is no mention of the account. However the service account running the ESMC server does have read, write, and owner permission on the database.
  3. I am currently using the All-in-One installer to attempt the upgrade. Where would I find or configure what account ESMC is using to communicate with the Database? I am the one who installed ESMC initially on this server and have not changed any settings of the installation.
  4. We are trying to upgrade our Management Center to the latest version. We have ESMC installed on a Windows Server 2019 VM with MS SQL Server 2019 Express. After the Security Management Center Components Upgrade task failed I attempted to upgrade manually with the All-in-One installer. In the logs it mentions not being able to connect to the database without mentioning which account it is using. Specifically: Its new value: 'ERROR: Database server does not support windows authentication'. Its current value is 'ERROR: Database server does not support windows authentication'.
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