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  1. Since our last topic was closed and this thread is used to `report false positive urls and files` we'd like to continue our conversation. We do not dispute any domain blocking. The issue is: we haven't received any replies considering the Case №0001364707 & №0001367549 nor samples@eset.com for 6 six months. So we're asking your help in getting any comprehensive analysis as from our side these domains seem okay and ads served comply with our Terms & Conditions and Advertising Guidelines (that prohibit any malicious content). Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hello ESET team, We have integrated with VirusTotal and we take the domain security very seriously in order to provide quality services. This year we have received some anxious reports that our advertising delivery domain was marked as suspicious\malware. We have tried to solve this issue a bunch of times by contacting the ESET team, calls, creating cases, yet haven't received any comprehensive info regarding the markings. Cases №0001364707 and №0001367549 has not been resolved and the team doesn't respond even. samples@eset.com - is like a dead end, every request our team was s
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