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  1. Thanks, but I've tried all of those without any results
  2. Hi, I've been on this websites for a while without getting any virus or malware (I analyse my system with both Eset and Malwarebytes every week). So I'm sure that they are safe. There's for example, uqload.com.
  3. Hello, Some websites I often go on are blocked by Eset Internet Security (red flag alert page). However I know that those websites are safe, so I go on the config options and add some of this websites URLs to the "accepted url" & "no analyse" lists, but it turns out that Eset still refuse the access to those websites... What should I do so that Eset gives me access to those websites ? I'm currently forced to disable Eset each time I wanna go on those websites, which is annoying and dangerous : / Thanks for help !
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