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  1. I have uninstalled Eset from my pc and installed another antivirus. I was ordering my files on my pc and deleting large files and I was surprised to find that the Eset Quarantine folder is over 800MB. My question is if I can delete it and if this will not harm my operating system. Thank you very much for your reply
  2. Well, it would have been a very strange coincidence, anyway thank you very much for your answer
  3. I appreciate the last two answers, but then what would be the reason that after enabling LiveGrid, my pc would no longer load w7 That was my question, anyway thank you very much :)
  4. Maybe I was not clear, here I explain again ... when I put a license to my Eset Security the LiveGrid was deactivated, then my license expired and when I entered another key I detect that everything was fine, BUT the Eset asked me if I wanted to enable the LiveGrid, I accepted and I got that the changes would be made in the next reboot. when i rebooted my pc I can't load windows, i had to install everything again. My question is what could have happened with LiveGrid that has damaged my W7; At what level does LiveGrid work with windows 7, Thanks for your time and your response
  5. Good evening, recently I was using Nod32 Internet Security, I registered a password and everything was fine, then the Eset LiveGrid module was deactivated, when I entered another license again (because my licence expired) Eset ask me if I wanted to activate the Eset LiveGrid, I accepted and got the message "the settings will apply after the next restart" and I turned off my pc The next day when I wanted to turn on my pc, I could not load the windows (I use the w7), it was a headache Could someone tell me what happened in my case? Thank you
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