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  1. Thanks for your answer. I checked the "Gamer Mode" setting you mentioned, it has already been disabled.
  2. I am using Internet Security and I have a problem, actually I've had this problem for a long time. Actually I noticed a very similar topic on the forum but it is a bit different. In my case, firewall in interactive mode sometimes asks a question to allow or deny but sometimes it doesn't ask and just blocks, although there is no firewall rule for that operation. Is this a bug?It seems like it happens at random times, I mean it suddenly stops asking any question for any operation which is related to firewall and restarting the pc generally solves the problem, but it happens frequently so restarting the pc is not an ideal solution.
  3. Thanks for your answer ☺️ . Is it similar for anti-phishing protection?
  4. Does Eset Internet Security 2019's and 2020's web protection work on Yandex browser?
  5. Thanks for your answers. Then I will have to try Sp1 updates again in the next year, though if I can buy a new computer with Win10 it would be better, some of it's main hardware components are about 12 years old. As far as I can remember, on my first try, Windows had said the update has been successful, though under the System panel it was still looking as Windows 7 Home Premium, no Sp1.I had tried again, that time it didn't say it was succesful and it wasn't. I had tried some solutions which came to my mind and also found and tried some solutions from internet too,but they didn't work,update quit with an error .
  6. Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I am not able to install V13.x, it doesn't allow me to install because it needs at least Windows 7 with SP1 and I have never been successfull with my Sp1 update attempts. It seems like there will be no future fixes to v12(based on your reply).
  7. There is a problem/bug inside Firewall rules section.When I try to edit any rule, it always edits the rule above the selected rule... I am using Eset Internet Security
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