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  1. Thanks for your answer ☺️ . Is it similar for anti-phishing protection?
  2. Does Eset Internet Security 2019's and 2020's web protection work on Yandex browser?
  3. Thanks for your answers. Then I will have to try Sp1 updates again in the next year, though if I can buy a new computer with Win10 it would be better, some of it's main hardware components are about 12 years old. As far as I can remember, on my first try, Windows had said the update has been successful, though under the System panel it was still looking as Windows 7 Home Premium, no Sp1.I had tried again, that time it didn't say it was succesful and it wasn't. I had tried some solutions which came to my mind and also found and tried some solutions from internet too,but they didn't work,update quit with an error .
  4. Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I am not able to install V13.x, it doesn't allow me to install because it needs at least Windows 7 with SP1 and I have never been successfull with my Sp1 update attempts. It seems like there will be no future fixes to v12(based on your reply).
  5. There is a problem/bug inside Firewall rules section.When I try to edit any rule, it always edits the rule above the selected rule... I am using Eset Internet Security
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